It is with a great sadness that we inform you that Professor Robert Jansen is no longer with us.

Robert Jansen passed away on July 11, 2014. The fertility and genetics community has lost one of its great scientists. Robert had a rare ability to combine the best of medicine and organization skills, and established one of the world’s best PGD Centers in Genea (formerly Sydney IVF). Under his direction this Center gave to the world the procedure of routine clinical blastocyst biopsy, which has now become the recent major approach to PGD of single gene and chromosomal disorders. The center was one of the first to undertake all the modern approaches to PGD testing from PCR and FISH to microarray based testing and next generation sequencing. Prof. Jansen and his colleagues generously provided their expertise for the training of dozens of colleagues around the world in biopsy procedures and genetic analysis for establishing PGD services, making PGD a realistic hope to couples unable to have healthy children of their own, all over the world.

Prof. Jansen was a Board Member of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society and organized one of the memorable International Working Groups on Preimplantation Genetics in Sydney in the year 2000. Despite his illness, Robert remained active right up until July 2014. To the end, he was alert, inquisitive and looking forward to scientific advances. He leaves behind a highly qualified PGD group, who are truly among the leading world’s PGD experts.

The untimely loss of Professor Robert Jansen is heartbreaking for his family, many friends, colleagues and the scientific community.


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